One Storey Modern House Design

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One Storey Modern House Design

One Storey Modern House Design - Will Your Retirement House In Thailand Have Two Floors Or A Single Floor? This is perhaps the most critical elements deciding the expense and time expected to build your home in Thailand. Up to this point Thai houses were customarily structured with the living convenience raised from the beginning wood or solid segments, or 'posts' as the Thai allude to them. A typical Thai house might be built with, state, twelve posts orchestrated in a three by four grid, and this is known as a "twelve post house".Our own home in Pakchong (Pak Chong) where we intend to resign to, Thailand, is a "sixteen post house" (4 by 4 posts) and the upper story containing the living spaces is 3 meters over the ground floor level. This is extensively more hard to develop and more costly than a solitary amazed house working with all the settlement on the ground floor.The contrast between a Thai two story house and a western one is that A western house for the most part has the living settlement on the ground floor and the rooms on the second floor.A Thai house has the living settlement and the rooms on the second floor. The ground floor in the event that it has any rooms whatsoever would most likely be an utility zone.The convention of having raised living settlement in the Thai houses returns several years and there are two reasons why this custom created.

1) Rooms higher than ground floor level were more secure from lurking creatures like lions and tigers that were pervasive at the time and. 
2) Much of Thailand is level and inclined to flooding. A house raised on stilts (posts) is sheltered from flooding. 

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